Novara is a series of ideas to generate improvements in environments and to value people. Personalized environments improve productivity, fostering quality of life and motivation.
With finishes and specific functionalities, Novara products integrate so that infinite environment options can be developed. In each option you find specific characteristics to sophisticate and highlight your space.


Intelligent personalization suited to commercial and corporate environments.


Perpetuate the company, while recognized as a leader in solutions for commercial and corporate environments.


Plan, design and execute commercial and corporate environments in a profitable manner, striving for client success.


Complete respect for human beings. Honesty, transparency and integrity. Ethics.

Our History​

Novara arose from the desire to innovate and, as such, it is constantly developing products able to collaborate with corporate environments. On an area of 8,600m², we boast the most cutting-edge technology for the production of furniture, guaranteeing quality and prompt service.

This project only become possible thanks to all Tecnitubo's experience and competence. The company has a tradition of over 45 years in the development of projects for commercial installations and corporate furniture. With the conviction that we offer the very best – from installation to support –  all Novara items offer a 5-year warranty.

Our care for the environment​

Besides a project for the treatment of waste, Tecnitubo is certified by the Chain of Custody.

This forestry certification guarantees that the paper used in Tecnitubo products comes from managed productive processes that are ecologically suitable, socially just and economically viable, and in line with all existing laws.

The certificate is a guarantee of origin that also serves to guide wholesale or retail buyers to choose unique products with added value, able to win over a more demanding public and, thereby, open new markets. At the same time, it also conscientious consumers to choose products that do no damage the environment and contribute to the social and economic development of forest communities.